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Global Aerospace Logistics, LLC (GAL) actively creates opportunities for UAE citizens to gain unprecedented experience in careers in the aerospace industry or in the UAE Armed Forces and highlights our commitment to Emiratization and strengthening the UAE’s defence industry.

Central to GAL’s growth and long term strategy is providing efficient and effective training solutions to our customers. GAL routinely provides flight, operations management and maintenance training. GAL provides initial qualification and Basic Air Crew instruction on every aircraft weapon system operated by UAE Armed Forces. Maintenance and operational training is provided via dedicated course curriculums and “On-The Job training (OJT)” in the areas of airframe and power plant (A & P), avionics, quality control on numerous platforms serves to consistently strengthen our customer’s capabilities, operational readiness and national defense objectives.

GAL also has an entry level training program established in collaboration with Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. The training program is designed to offer UAE citizens - whether prospective GAL employees or UAE Armed Forces personnel - the opportunity to receive GAL sponsored training at the world’s leading aviation maintenance training institution.

The arrangement is based on a unique set of principles that combine high quality education with customized features. Focusing on either aviation maintenance or electronics, Spartan College students will receive English language training followed by an industry-first technical English course that will run concurrently with the aviation technician-training program. In addition, GAL sponsored students will receive a full suite of student services from Spartan College including room and board, and transportation. Students who wish to apply for full sponsorship can do so by following the link below and creating an application.

Aviation Maintenance

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We are an Emirati company focused on creating a balanced, expert workforce, specializing in aviation services, for the UAE.

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» GAL supports more than 200 Aircraft on behalf of its customers.

» GAL employs over 2700 personnel at several locations across the UAE.

» GAL was awarded (2013) the GCC Labour Ministers Council Award for excellence in the field of nationalisation; a total of more than eight hundred Emiratis work at the company.

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