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GAL is also quickly becoming the region’s premier supplier of parts for a multitude of airframe types. GAL has a proven model of establishing value-added Partnerships to meet the mission critical needs of our customers. Our strategic partnerships and highly qualified staff allow access to engineering data, tooling and expertise which uniquely equips GAL to provide world-class service and technical support to aircraft owners and operators.

The GAL Procurement and Supply Chain Management department Is an agile organization ready to adapt and meet the needs of our customers and provides support for all GAL business divisions and enhances GAL’s roll as a provider of aerospace parts and components for the General and Commercial Aviation markets and Military/Government customers. The team possesses knowledgeable personnel qualified and experienced in Military Logistics solutions with the right mix of commercial and military backgrounds.

GAL Logistics Services Department provides spares and repairs support for over 16 aircraft platforms and has managed the delivery of over 20,000 unique parts, accessories and engines and has built a network of OEMs and vetted suppliers with proven track records.

We are an Emirati company focused on creating a balanced, expert workforce, specializing in aviation services, for the UAE.

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» GAL supports more than 200 Aircraft on behalf of its customers.

» GAL employs over 2700 personnel at several locations across the UAE.

» GAL was awarded (2013) the GCC Labour Ministers Council Award for excellence in the field of nationalisation; a total of more than eight hundred Emiratis work at the company.

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